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Full Face Rejuvenation with Dermal Fillers

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Combination treatment was done at her first visit with Jeuveau for her tox, we also used dermal fillers for her nasolabial folds [smile lines] and marionette lines; at her two week follow up, we added in cheek filler to give her some volume back and additional lift to that nasolabial area to reduce the look of skin laxity. At her two week follow up; you can see her nasolabial lines [smile lines] are significantly better; but she has volume loss in her cheeks, which combined with general skin laxity from aging, created a small jowl-ing effect. Adding in some cheek filler pulled that jowl up, and lifted her marionette lines even more, giving a much more lifted, youthful appearance

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After 2 Weeks

Adding Cheek Filler Visit 2

Before Cheek Filler

Directly After Cheek Filler

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