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Host a Pop-Up

Beyond Esthetics meets you where you’ll BE

Do you own a salon, spa, gym, or just want to host an event for your friends? We bring high quality esthetic services -on a regular or recurring basis -to the places you already go for beauty and body.Pop-upsare fun for individual hosts as well as business owners.

If you are interested in a pop-up, simply complete the inquiry form and we’ll work with you to find a date/time that works for you and your invitees.

We typically require minimum 5 attendees to schedule a pop-up, with a deposit for each attendee that goes towards goods andservices at the event. Pop-uphosts get amazing discounts and perks on the day of the event!Complete the form and a team member will contact you about becoming a Pop-Up host

  • What does the scheduling a pop-up process look like?

    It all starts with filling out our request form!

    Once we receive your form, one of our team members will reach out to connect with you personally about your event –typically within 24-48 hours.

    Our team will talk you through cost details, what to expect from us based on the services you’d like, and what we need from you. We’ll settle on a date, collect a deposit, sign a contract confirming everything we agreed on, and stay in contact leading up to the pop-up.

  • How many people do I need for an event?

    Typically we require a minimum of 5 people to travel to a pop-up location

  • What will this cost?

    That will vary based on what services you’d like at your pop-up and the number of attendees.


    The host of any pop-up will receive $9/unit Botox, Xeomin, or Jeuveau [up to 100 units on the day of the Pop-up and a special gift from BE.

    For every attendee over 5, we are please to offer a progressive discount of 1% per attendee up to a maximum of 20%. For a pop-up with 20+ attendees, the host will receive FREE treatment [up to 100 units on the day of the Pop-up and a special gift from BE

    IV Hydration Therapy

    The cost of hydration therapy will depend on the type of therapy you would like for your event.

    We offer a wide variety of IV therapies from Myers Cocktails,Immune Boosters, Beauty Support, Rest & Recovery, Detox, and more! The best way to determine cost is to contact us through our form and we will get you a custom quote

  • Can you give me an idea of what kinds of pop-up themes you can do?

    The possibilities are endless –here are just a few!

    - Bridal Botox and Beauty [Beauty Support Hydration& Botox]

    - Bro-tox & Detox [Detox or Hangover IV Hydration & Botox]

    - Botox & Bubbles [Botox & Bubbly* *we provide the botox, you provide the bubbly!]

    - Bro-tox & Bourbon [Botox & Bourbon* *we provide the botox, you provide the bourbon!]

    - Game Day Recovery [Rest& Recovery IV Hydration –botox optional!]

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