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Harmony XL PRO Skin and Scar Resurfacing in Annandale, VA

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Laser skin and scar resurfacing in Annandale, VA at Beyond Esthetics is a noninvasive cosmetic treatment that uses targeted beams of light energy to remove damaged skin layers. This procedure is carried out to address signs of aging, like facial lines and folds, and to improve skin blemishes, like acne scars, pigmentation, and other issues. By employing the state-of-the-art Harmony XL PRO platform, laser skin resurfacing and scar revision is an effective treatment for people who want softer, clearer, and younger-looking skin. The treatment can be customized according to your individualized needs. There is typically some amount of downtime needed for the majority of laser skin treatments. When you visit our Annandale, VA facility, any questions or concerns may be discussed with Dr. Leonel Perez.

Before you are scheduled for a deeper or more intense laser skin resurfacing and scar revision treatment, you may be asked to use a retinoid cream for a few weeks before your laser resurfacing treatment. This helps prep the skin for better results. Medication will be suggested prior to the procedure to help lessen any sensation so you can relax throughout your session. If your complexion only needs mild correction, a topical anesthetic may be applied to numb treated areas where the laser will target. Throughout the procedure, you will relax in our treatment chair while the laser passes over the skin, directly targeting the specific sections for resurfacing. You may feel mild heat from the laser, followed by cold air from the built-in onboard cooling system. The laser energy removes damaged skin cells while stimulating new collagen production to achieve a renewed, revitalized appearance and significantly reduced imperfections, like scars.

The laser skin resurfacing treatment at Beyond Esthetics was amazing! My skin looks brighter and smoother, and the results have lasted longer than I expected. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone looking to improve their complexion.

T.M. Google

I had a real “treat yourself” moment – I didn’t want a facelift, so we’re doing a combination therapy! Laser skin resurfacing, collagen contouring, a little IPL, and a combo of tox and filler. I started back in January and the results are giving me a decade back at least. The staff at Beyond Esthetics were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful during my initial consultation. They took the time to understand my concerns and recommended the perfect treatment for me. I'm so happy with the results!

R.B. Google

I had the skin resurfacing facial done and the redness reduction treatment. Cam is excellent and genuinely cares about giving you your best skin! She asked if she could do other areas of my skin because she saw areas she could fix! They also introduced me to my favorite sunscreen which is now what I use almost exclusively. Stellar staff, stellar products, stellar customer service. I will be back for their collagen treatment and other services!

N.P. Google

I’ve been seeing Kam for my laser treatments and hydrafacials. I’ve had such a great and painless experience. The office is clean and beautiful and the staff is amazing! Won’t go anywhere else.

L.P. Google

Kamilla was so personable & focused on my skin care needs. I got the hydro facial, she was constantly asking if the pressure or serums were feeling good. I look forward to more procedures.

A.E. Google


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Beyond Esthetics laser skin and scar resurfacing sessions offer excellent outcomes if you want a more youthful appearance. If you are curious about laser treatments and want to hear more information about them, as well as other nonsurgical treatments at our Annandale, VA office, we invite you to call us today to make your consultation with Dr. Perez.

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How much does laser skin resurfacing cost?

Laser skin resurfacing cost will vary depend on the type of treatment you select. In your consultation, Dr. Perez will ask about your concerns and wants before creating a custom treatment plan just for you. After this, we'll be able to provide a more accurate description of your total costs. Beyond Esthetics regularly offers skin treatment specials and discounted packages, so be sure to ask in your consultation.

How often should I get laser resurfacing treatments?

Depending on the laser resurfacing options you and Dr. Perez choose for your procedure, you may need to wait weeks or even months between appointments. Deep treatments will provide longer-lasting results; however, they will require more time for recovery. You should tell Dr. Perez about how often you want to return for appointments so he can take this into account when choosing a type of resurfacing during your initial consultation.

How can I help my skin recover after a resurfacing treatment?

Dr. Perez or a member of his team will explain ways to speed skin healing following your resurfacing treatment. The top rule is do not pick or peel flaking skin. This could cause long-term damage like scars. You need to skip all hair removal methods in the treatment area, which includes shaving, waxing, or depilatory creams. We will suggest an ointment to help soothe and heal treated areas.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.