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Protecting Your Skin in the Northern Virginia Winter - SPF in the Snow

By: Kamilla (Kam) Campbell


As the snow blankets Annandale, Virginia, the misconception that sunscreen is a summer-only essential often prevails. However, the team at Beyond Esthetics emphasizes the year-round importance of sunscreen, especially in winter. In this blog post, we explore the science behind winter sun exposure and why incorporating sunscreen into your winter skincare routine is a non-negotiable aspect of skin health.

Understanding Winter Sun Exposure:

In Annandale, VA, winter doesn't diminish the sun's impact. Snow reflects up to 80% of UV radiation, significantly intensifying exposure. With Beyond Esthetics' commitment to holistic skincare, it's crucial to recognize the amplified risks of sun damage during the winter months.

The Role of UV Rays:

UVA and UVB rays are skin adversaries present year-round. Beyond Esthetics advocates for the consistent use of sunscreen, as both types of UV radiation contribute to skin damage. UVA rays accelerate aging, while UVB rays cause sunburn, and both are prevalent even in the colder months.

Snow and Sunburn Risk:

The reflective nature of snow heightens the risk of sunburn, particularly for those engaged in outdoor activities. Beyond Esthetics urges individuals in Annandale, VA, to protect themselves with sunscreen to prevent erythema and other sun-related skin conditions.

Protective Measures at Beyond Esthetics:

Incorporating sunscreen into your winter skincare routine is a fundamental preventive measure. Beyond Esthetics recommends broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher for comprehensive protection. Reapplication is essential, especially during outdoor activities or if there's snow contact.

Guarding Against Premature Aging:

Beyond Esthetics emphasizes that consistent sunscreen use not only prevents immediate sunburn but also shields against long-term damage. UV radiation contributes to collagen breakdown, leading to premature aging. Protect your skin's structural integrity with Beyond Esthetics' recommended sunscreen options.

Choosing the Right Sunscreen at Beyond Esthetics:

Beyond Esthetics advises clients to select sunscreens that suit their skin type and activities. Annandale, VA residents can opt for water-resistant formulas and those with added moisturizing properties. Sunscreen is a year-round ally in preserving skin health, regardless of the weather.


As the winter wonderland envelops Annandale, VA, Beyond Esthetics urges you to prioritize your skin's health. Sunscreen is not just a seasonal accessory; it's a year-round necessity. Understand the amplified risk of sun exposure in snowy conditions and adopt protective measures with Beyond Esthetics. Enjoy the snowy season responsibly, armed with the knowledge that Beyond Esthetics in Annandale, Virginia, is your trusted partner in maintaining radiant and healthy skin. If you find that you’ve accumulated sun damage at any time during the year, come see us for sun damage treatments with IPL or a chemical peel to erase the hyperpigmentation!

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